At a glance

We work for some of the biggest game publishers in the world, and quite a few smaller ones too. With some of them, we've invested in long-lasting partnerships for over ten years, so we are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of game localization.

Conditions in game localization are rarely ideal: developers may not be aware of localization requirements, in-game text is provided without context and constantly rewritten, and extremely tight deadlines have practically become standard practice. These constraints could potentially affect the quality of your localized games.

Our procedures are optimized to provide the best possible quality under the most demanding project conditions. Our project managers have hands-on translation experience. They recognize bottlenecks early on in the process and use their linguistic expertise to support translators.

Our translators and reviewers are selected specifically with your game genre in mind. They are creative, while always conforming to mandatory platform glossaries. And last but not least, we believe direct and open communication with all team members is essential in a smooth localization process.