Saving humanity and street racing


2019 was a fabulous year and we proudly provided Dutch game localization for some of the most amazing titles that were released this year.

We worked for 11 months straight on the Dutch translation of one of the biggest and most anticipated PlayStation games of 2019, featuring a cast of star actors in a post-apocalyptic world where gamers have to reunite humanity. It's always a blast to work on such high volume games over a longer period of time. It takes commitment, perfectly tuned procedures, the best translators and meticulous style and terminology management to get things right.

On a lighter - and more macabre - note, we recorded Dutch audio to bring a skeleton to life in the fun remake of a popular hack-and-slash game. We also delivered daily Dutch translation services for a major game streaming service and completed smooth Dutch ingame and subtitling for a number of PS4 and Xbox titles so gamers in the Netherlands can enjoy gaming in their mother tongue.

And last but not least, we worked on a fun street racing game, which brought back memories of one of the first racing games we translated back in 2002.