Bit of fresh air


Early 2015, we moved office. For over 17 years, INICIO was based in the city of Utrecht, smack in the middle of the Netherlands. While living and working in the city had its advantages, the lure of greener pastures was strong. INICIO now has new headquarters near Wageningen, surrounded by forests and with enough fresh air to make your head spin. Perfect to sooth the spirits when dealing with the hectic world of localization. Of course, the Netherlands being the size it is, Utrecht is still 'around the corner', so we can still meet up in the city with clients and friends! Best of both worlds.  

We're all settled in now and have plenty of room to expand our localization services even further. We look forward to managing even bigger and more complex Dutch localization projects, taking efficiency to an even higher level and maintaining our INICIO quality standard and service level.

Breaking records


2012 was a record breaking year for INICIO. In economically challenging times, we translated the highest number of words in our 15 years of existence. It's reassuring that our commitment to reliability, quality and service pays off and resulted in the loyalty of our customers, especially considering the intense national and international competition on the localization market.

We expanded our linguistic services to Qelp, leading provider in customer care solutions for smartphones, and provided translations into 10 languages for their products, now covering Europe and South America.

With the addition of Engage to our client list, we ventured onto a new field of specialization. Engage enables organizations to efficiently capture, design, maintain and communicate organizational processes. INICIO localized their product into several European languages (and picked up a bit of LEAN organizational know-how as a bonus).

INICIO also continued working on updates and new versions of software solutions for document imaging and organization, OCR, workflow management, PDF creation, and speech recognition. We've worked on the Dutch versions of these market leading products for well over a decade now and look forward to many years to come!

Split personality: new site online


It was long overdue, but we've finally completed the makeover of our website. You are reading this, so you've obviously seen the new site. Hope you like it. If you have any suggestions or comments, just let us know.

One of the major changes is a clearer distinction between our two main areas of specialization. We have a long history in business localization, entailing anything from software localization to the translation of documentation, websites, newsletters, etc. But we are also one of the few translation agencies in the Netherlands that specialize in full game localization, with ample experience in all game genres, for all gaming platforms.

By clearly defining these two areas on our website, we can offer more detailed information about our services to each of these industries. This is definitely a split personality that is meant to be.